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Congrats y'all! <3 Din't have time yet to play yo game, but art looks TOO GOOD :D Super work! I sooo want to write y'all a review, but my queue is c r a m m e d... o_o


I just want to say that I love that this is 100% hand-drawn. The art style is amazing and gives the environment and character more grit and believable. The combat was pretty great but the main mechanic of alternating between different ages is really interesting and has actual impact on both combat gameplay and puzzle gameplay. It was used really well and actually makes the curse very cool. Although it was "short", the story was well written and the flow of the game was pretty neat. After finishing it, I hope that there will be a sequel following this. If there is, I can't wait to play it

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Regardless of the jam outcome, I look forward to anything else you end up doing with this one! Thanks for the game!!


Streamed this yesterday and the dev was there, but I’m leaving this here for posterity just in case:

  • +The art is great, all around, and clearly the best part of the game. The designs of beast monsters were especially cute.
  • +The concept of having three forms was interesting! Their alternate designs were very cute.
  • +I always enjoy when encounters can be controlled by the player and evaded (because I'm lazy XD)
  • +The difficulty choice is appreciated, I personally prefer the gameplay to be easy and this let me do just that. I can't speak about the balance other difficulties.
  • -I got a bit frazzled trying to keep my skill slots in check. Honestly would have preferred that some skills be bundled up or have more slots.
  • -Personally, I did not like how the game handles the ending and the "result" of the adventure. I would have preferred a more definitive "win" and maybe hints of something else. Though from what I understand this type of storytelling is very common in tabletops and this is just my taste.
  • -I did feel like the extra story elements more geared towards the ending did feel a bit intrusive in the “main quest”. Knowing this was (supposedly) a short game they felt a bit tacked on like exposition at first, tho with how the ending goes I suppose that was the point.
  • -Minor niggles and polish: some skills feel like they could be bundled into a single piece or equipment, or made “native” to characters. // It would be cool if there was a reminder of what each "age" perk is via the "hover states" function // The icons for doors/mechanisms and item gets should be different, mainly because I accidentally kept checking closed doors again because I thought they were items. 

Overall this was a very solid, polished project. The single reason I’m not enthusiastic about it is that I have no personal affection for tabletop games myself (people in the chat who did were loving this), so that part of it did nothing special to me. My taste runs more on the dialog where this focused more on richer narration, which was well done, just not my specific taste. It’s still a great game within the timeframe and limits of the contest and deserves all the praise.

TL;DR if you like tabletop rpgs this is a solid choice.


Wow, this is really cool! Love the age mechanic, and the art is amazing.


Hi! Thanks a lot! :D

No problem!


Tl;dr: Cool game, simple and short but really interesting story and gameplay. Can't recommend it enough!

Really loved this game! Artworks are really cool and the boardgame aesthetics are a big plus.

I really enjoyed the game mechanics, I found the time advance/rewind gimmicks very interesting. 

I look forward to play a sequel, as the story has got me intrigued *_*

My sincerest congrats to the author, keep up with the good work!

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Thanks a lot! I'd really like to continue this game's story... Who knows ;) 

I'm glad you enjoyed Ouroboros! Thanks for playing :)



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Grazie mille! :D


Fantastic game that combines rpg and board game mechanics. I love your style and the ability to create beautiful immersion

Thank you Ische!


This is incredibly unique and cute! I only played for a little bit to get a taste of it and I was having a blast the entire time!


Hi! Thanks a lot, I appreciate that! :D

Yours has an incredible aesthetics too! I played it a couple of days ago. Good luck for the contest ^^


The same to you!! 😊


Stunning visuals, but more than that, I'm actually super curious about the aging mechanic! I have not seen anything like that, ever. Best of lucks to you. Looking forward to play your game.

Thanks a lot! I really enjoyed making this game, and now I'm really exhausted haha. Some friends are testing the game right now, and I still need to translate some remaining items and scenes, but I'll probably release the game this week ^ ^

I hope you'll like it :D

If, in the future, you need Spanish localization, feel free to reach out. I'm a native speaker. And I have a soft spot for dungeon crawlers :)


Oh that's nice! We can talk about it after the contest :D