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A Creature is alone in this world, lost and afraid. Its guardians are gone, their souls devoured by those I once called brothers. This shall not stand. Take the Creature to a safe haven, my child. It all depends on you.

Moonbound tells the story of Aya and Rudra, a little girl and her wolf pup, fleeing from the haunting invasion of dark spirits from beyond the Veil. Both refugees and exiles, alone in this world, their only hope is to reach the Holy Land. But their long journey has just begun.

The gameplay is pretty simple: 

Player moves Aya with the directional buttons, 

Aya interacts with the environment.

  Aya gives a command (fetch items, jump, and many others) to Rudra .

Rudra and Aya will learn new commands and abilities as they progress in the story. 

1 ~ 1.5 hrs of gameplay     -     2 different endings     -     Special "Command" system.

Made with RPGMaker VX-ACE.

PLEASE NOTE: I don't have the source code/original project of this game anymore, so I am not able to provide support (i.e. bug correction) for it. The game is delivered "as is".

Rated 5.0 out of 5 stars
AuthorsMissingSeven, CrawlingChaox
GenreAdventure, Puzzle
TagsAnimals, Cute, mystic, RPG Maker, Short


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Your mapping looks really good here! : )

Thanks a lot!

While I have not played it, it does look very pretty from the screenshots so congratulations! : )

If you don't have the source code anymore, you could actually just download a RM decrypter from google to gain access to the files again. A whole bunch show up if you just google "Rpg Maker Decrypter." Part of what makes making rpg maker games scary is how easy they are to hack into, even with the encryption.

I'm really liking the colors on the thumbnail image for this. Might end up giving it a go, looks pretty slick.

Thanks a lot. I'm not familiar with RPG Maker VX, I'm an old 2k3 user : )

I'll follow your advice! Thanks again!